Creating an Inclusive World where Individuality is Celebrated and Self-Esteem is High.

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Unique, Loved, Me

The Unique, Loved, Me statement is a phrase I had on repeat in my head when my youngest son, Alistair, was born. It was what I wanted him to believe about himself and it ended up making me believe it too.

The Unique, Loved, Me font was designed by my eldest son, Laurence, when he was six years old. He did it without being concerned what people would think of the result. It is a reminder that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves by what we think others might think. We should have the confidence to show the world we are Unique & Loved.



The white cross represents the positivity Unique & Loved are aiming to achieve. Positivity about ourselves and in the way we view and accept others.

Did you see the white cross?

Sometimes we can’t see what is there. Unique & Loved’s logo is a reminder that if we look at things with a new perspective we can be enlightened to see what was there all along.  


“Sometimes I need reminding, I am…”

We might not always feel confident to make a positive statement about ourselves. The message in the label of Unique & Loved clothing gives a supportive reminder.

Remind yourself of your value. Remind your loved ones of theirs.