Creating an Inclusive World where Individuality is Celebrated and Self-Esteem is High.


Coffee is a big part of my life! It is my quiet time when my boys are chilling, a pick me up on a busy workday, a boost en route to running a kids party and my must have when I’m sat with my note book planning upcoming dance workshops.

I have been dancing since I was young, dancing is my happy place, from ballet to burlesque and everything in between. Dancing is where I can be truly myself, where I can be creative and lose myself in music. I love the way I feel after a session, empowered and alive!

I have a passion for the way dancing makes people feel. Nothing makes me happier.

For nearly a decade I taught Zumba classes across the week in the local community and met hundreds of women that wanted to have fun with their fitness. The thing I loved more than anything is the women I met, and the smiles on their faces as a session ended and their energy filled the room.

When I had my little boys (and life became busy!) I began Miss Gold Workshops, a series of monthly dance sessions. This move arose from a passion to demonstrate that dance is for all; not for a certain age, body type, ability, but EVERYONE. I wanted women to understand that dancing is more than just that, it is confidence building and body-celebrating.

The comment I hear more than any other is the very reason I am so passionate about teaching:

‘I’d love to do something like this but I’m not a dancer’ and I respond in the same way every time:


  1. Does dancing make you feel good?
  2. When ‘that’ song comes on in the car do you hope other drivers can’t see your sit-down-bum-shake-dancing because you can’t help yourself?
  3. Do you find yourself watching music videos and think ‘I wanna do that!’
  4. Do you want to lose yourself in something fun and liberating?

Then dance!

The message of Unique & Loved resonates with my vision that dancing isn’t about a performance or for other people, but for how it makes people feel, we’re all unique and should love and be proud of ourselves for that very reason.

I am Unique & Loved and so are you.