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I skip more than I walk.

I usually leap a bit more than I skip. What I do is I jump on little drainpipes and pretend they are coins like in a video game then the coins make me go faster. Sometimes if they aren’t too big, I leap over puddles rather than walking round it. I’m very bouncy. I just like bouncing.

I like drawing and painting, or any art because you can draw anything and also because you can use any colour. I like to colour things in pink and orange because they are mine and my brother favourites. Sometimes, when I’m drawing people, I don’t do the dresses that I have got, they are made up in my head. I like that you don’t just have to draw what people tell you. You can draw anything you want in the world even if it’s made up. There are things that I can’t draw, so I think of something a bit like it and draw that instead and it looks great. I know I’m good at art but there’s somethings that I can’t do. If I don’t know I try and learn. In lockdown I had art dates with my auntie over Zoom.

When I grow up I’m going to open an art café. People will come there, it will be open on the weekend and one day in the week. Children will get to go the art café until 6pm then at 6:30 it will be open for adults. Me and my Auntie will teach them how to draw things. If it’s Christmas we’ll teach them how to draw Santa and if its Easter, the Easter bunny. I’m the Easter bunny in my house, because its near my birthday. We’re going to have a coffee machine so that we don’t have to stop drawing to get drinks.

I like running around and I like watching tv. I like playing badminton. I got one for Christmas. I like Aquabeads.I like to play with my friends. My friends think that I am kind. I teach my friends how to draw and they like to show me their pictures. I think about how other people would feel before I say things and do things.

I like to hug my brother. My brother thinks I’m bossy, but I’m not. I love my brother. I used to stand next to him in his cot and say hello.

Mummy says I’ve got a good laugh. I laugh when mummy tickles me, I laugh a little bit, maybe a lot. Just thinking about being tickled makes me laugh. I like to make up jokes and play “Would You Rather…?”

Would you rather watch tv, or eat a biscuit?