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I like doing football. I was the first girl from my school to play. I did go to ballet, but I never wanted to go and I used to cry. When I was five I said I wanted to play football. I went and I just ran off and I loved it. I was really excited. I like that you get to play against other people, not the same people, but different people every week. You get to have lots of fun. I love it when you score goals and when you tackle. I like to play at point, striker. I can see space and get in good places for scoring. My favourite goal was when the ball came right to my foot, and I kicked it hard, and it went in the top corner. I felt really happy, and it made me want to score again.

I like playing matches with my friends. Sometimes I like to help tell the team where they are supposed to be. When you get trainer of the week you get to be captain at the match at the weekend, I like that. 

When I grow up I want to be a police officer. I think it’ll be fun because you get to investigate things and solve things. I like reading Egypt mysteries. Or, I’d like to be a vet because you get to look after animals. I have always loved aminials. I like helping nature. At playtime we are making a nest out of twigs and leaves for the birds to rest in. And I have set up a club at school called ‘Save the Snow Leopards’. I know a lot about them because I saw a picture of them, and they are really cute and they are endangered and I want to do fun things so that they are happy. I made a fact sheet for the members of the club.

At school I like Art and English because you get to do lots of writing and drawing. I like writing stories. I have written ‘The Six and the Mad Scientist’. It’s about six people and a mad scientist. I have random things pop into my head all the time.  I am writing the story at the moment. I don’t know how it is going end.

I look after my friends if they are upset, and I ask if they want to play. I care about people. I worry about my sister and if people might bully her and if they might make her sad. I think a lot. I worry about things that are happening. I get stressed when I am doing tests at schools. Sometimes I count to ten. Sometimes I don’t want to calm myself. At bedtime I talk to Mummy about positive things because sometimes I think about unpositive things. I’m getting better at it now.

I like being with my family. I feel happy and safe. I like spending time with them and playing fun games sometimes made up, sometimes board games. I like snap and memory games.

Funny faces and daddy make me laugh and I can be silly!