Creating an Inclusive World where Individuality is Celebrated and Self-Esteem is High.


I love playing sport. I love that it is fun and energetic. I like cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball and climbing, but especially football. I play four or five times a week and I support Liverpool. I think I am good at sport because I don’t give up and I try my hardest. I play with my friends and my family come and watch and they all support me. I like nutmegging people. I like encouraging people on the pitch, and I shout at them, in a good way, to cheer them on.

When I grow up, I want to be a professional sportsperson. If I can’t do that, I think I might like to teach toddlers how to play football.

I like playing board games with my family because its competitive, nerve racking and fun, my favourite is Ludo, I like it when I get to send mummy or daddy back to the start, it can go on for ages!

I like trying new things to see if I can do it. On holiday I entered a dance competition even though I only dance at home, I was nervous, but I just went for it when the music came on and did my best.

I love learning because it is quite fun learning things about things you don’t know. I like learning about different places in geography and maths that there are lots of different ways to do sums and design technology because you get to learn things on the internet.

I like doing art, drawing painting colouring designing, all of it. I like drawing people best and famous football players. I like rocking out on my guitar, I can’t play it properly yet, but I just strum it along to rock songs. I love food. I love every food. I like to try new things and I can eat a lot!

I love playing with my brother and making him laugh because his laugh is very funny, and it makes me feel special. I think there is a special bond between me and him because we love each so much. I think he thinks I’m funny. I like to help him to learn new things and to calm down if he is upset. I share things with him and don’t mind if he breaks things, which he can do quite a lot.

In lockdown I wanted to help Footprints because they were running out of money. I love my brother and I wanted him to keep on going. I ran round my garden 20 times a day for 75 days. I needed to be fit and never give up. Some days were tough when it was pouring down with rain, but I still kept going, because I was determined.

In lockdown we did Joe Wicks every morning and I liked his long hair. I grew mine long too. Some people think I look like a girl, but I think I just look like me.

I’ve got lots of friends at school and at football, I think because I’m kind and try not to leave people out. One time I saw that a person was left out of a game, so I went to be their partner. I make people laugh at playtime by pulling funny faces.

Some people say that I am a mini mummy because I look a bit like her and do things a bit the same, but I know that I am my own person.

I am Unique and Loved.