Creating an Inclusive World where Individuality is Celebrated and Self-Esteem is High.


If we were the same it would be boring. It would be like “Hey John”…“Hey John!”

I like being me because today I went to school and borrowed some hair bobbles, put them in my hair and started a trend.

I think I am one of the popular ones at school. I make a lot of people laugh. I like making them smile, I like seeing them enjoy what I put out there. I like the attention and the enjoyment around me. I think that’s an aspect of me being myself.

I enjoy being myself. I like having my own feelings and opinions.

I know what I’m feeling. I know if I need to be somewhere else. I understand when I’m sad and can take myself away. I can get overexcited and can get angry. It’s about knowing yourself. And watching out for other people.

I wouldn’t consider myself the brightest person, but I think I’m a bit harsh on myself. I find it hard in maths because I need more time. I think my brain is like a broken bookshelf if something goes in something falls out.

I don’t think anything is wrong with me, I like who I am.

I like English, but I don’t like the commas. If I write a story I am creative and can go as far as my brain takes me.

If I’m learning about something that is interesting to me I really try and go for it. If I don’t like a topic or don’t find it exciting my mind wanders. I think about Captain America with a moustache.

I felt mixed emotions when I was diagnosed with dyslexia as it helped explained why I was different, but it also made me feel unsure about what it would mean. 

I only talk to people I can trust and who understand about my dyslexia, but others I find it hard to connect with them.

My friends give me support. They make me feel like I can express myself. They celebrate me when I score. I love the feeling in the moment of happiness and that my friends think I’m good and a good player.

I like my friends. I missed them during home schooling. At times I can be in my own company, but I like being with people and not being alone.

Football is a big thing for me, I have changed a lot. I wasn’t very good when I was younger, but I have improved. I want to be the best player I can be. I’ve learnt to pass and dribble better. I need to practice shooting. I play in the middle team. I like being in the top of the middle team not the bottom of the top team. I love scoring goals and setting people up and I like the thrill of seeing people happy. I try my best and don’t let anyone say what I’m not. If anyone puts you down, don’t give up, that’s what inspires me. I enjoy playing even when we lose. I want to inspire the rest of my team to think the same, but I don’t think I can talk in a group.

I spoke about pollution to my mum and I think I did it beautifully. I can explain things to one person, but in front of a crowd I would be all stuttery. I would like to be able to express myself.

I am caring, I help people. I’m like my mum, she’s always helping people. I want to be like her, she’s so nice, she inspires me. I love my family. I think my brother looks up to me. My sister has always been my best friend. My Grandpa is such a special person to me, he always looks on the bright side of life. I love hugging my Nana.

I like my friends. I like playing football and being active and being outside. I’m a thrill seeker. I love rides and adventure. I love climbing trees. I’m a chatter box, I like talking, I like listening. I like talking about movies.

I love bursting out in laughter.

I am Unique & Loved.