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I like the trampoline, because it’s so bouncy. I like doing bumps. I love playing with Paw Patrol.  I like playing with dinosaurs and I make them fight. The diplodocus always wins because it’s the tallest. My favourite food is sausage and mashed potato and hot dogs. I like watching magicians, they make me laugh. He pulled a banana out of a sack!

I like the swing best because you go high and high.

I like playing hide and seek, I like to hide behind the playhouse.

I like pulling funny faces and people laugh.

By Bella

Bella loves dinosaurs. She loves cake, her favourites are gingerbread and chocolate cake. She loves dancing and music. She was the star at the preschool nativity. I thought she would be shy, but she loved it, she was centre stage. I wanted to capture it, take a video and show her teenage self her confidence. I want her to have that confidence forever. She likes playing Dob and is very fast. She runs everywhere, she’s always in a hurry, always busy.

Bella is a thinker. She has to suss out activities before she gets involved. She’s cautious. She is confident when she knows the information, and when she has it, she is off. She is stubborn and wants to do everything her older sister, Lottie, can do. She is so fiercely independent. I still do things for her older sister that she wants to do for herself.

We found out about Bella’s limb difference at our 20-week scan. We were shocked and worried about how she, we, and her big sister would cope, but then, I see her now and there isn’t anything that she can’t do. We have a phrase with her where we say, “find a way” and she does it, she finds a way to do things slightly differently. Even things that might not seem difficult like taking off a yoghurt lid.  There are things we know we are going to need to adapt, like riding a bike. In her teenage years she might face challenges, cruel remarks and comments, but I don’t worry about her like I did when I first found about her limb difference, because she has this amazing resilience and she has Lottie, who will always have her back.

I always thought I’d have to explain her limb difference to everyone, but I don’t. Bella will find a way to do things or, explain and it is never an issue.

Limb difference is a part of who Bella is physically but I think it has been a part of shaping her personality, her determination, her stubbornness, her resilience, her understanding, her kindness.  I say to her every morning have courage and be kind, she does, and is.

I know she’ll go on to achieve what she wants.

Bella’s Mum, Becky