Creating an Inclusive World where Individuality is Celebrated and Self-Esteem is High.


I love dancing, especially Acro. It makes me feel happy. It gets rid of all of my stress because I’m just thinking of getting the dance right and I’ve got no more room for any other stress. I like to concentrate and focus and do it the best I can so I can go in for competitions. 

My life has caused me stress.

At the moment it is school that causes me stress. I worry about behaving and getting the right marks.

I find school hard. The teachers talk too fast and draw strange pictures on the board. I think I have processing dyslexia, but I have been told I have to wait until I am in year nine to be screened, because it is too expensive for them to do now.

When I am given instructions at school it is too much. I can’t keep it all in and I can’t work out what I need to do. I don’t understand. I need help. But I get shouted at for not understanding because they think I’m not listening. I get sent out of the classroom. I try to defend myself. But they think I am being rude.

It is me, my little sister and my mum. They get me. My mum’s brain works the same as mine and so she has been able to understand me and she can help me translate this to others.

I used to get stressed at dancing because I would get shouted at for not doing as I was asked. I couldn’t follow the instructions, so I was waiting for the person in front of me to show me what to do. When my mum spoke to the teacher and explained, she understood and now I enjoy it.

Mum has explained to school and now some of the teachers understand, but others don’t. I think they think I’m not capable and that I don’t apply myself, but I when I work purposefully then I am very articulate and I am very capable. I want to be given the opportunity the show this.

People make lots of assumptions about me that aren’t true. It impacts what they think of me and what they expect from me. Assumptions about how old I am, about my ethnicity, about my intelligence, about my behaviour, about my motivation, about what I’m capable of. 

I just want to be seen as me.

I need to be understood.

People just assume that everyone understands things the same. If I was given the information in a way that suited how I could process it, I would understand. It would just take me longer.

I want more time and give me bits of information at a time.

I know that the parts of me make me who I am. Other people don’t celebrate those bits and see them as a problem. I wish people would ask if I needed things to be broken down and not assume that I don’t. I wish people wouldn’t assume things about me. I wish people were more patient.

I am Unique & Loved.