Creating an Inclusive World where Individuality is Celebrated and Self-Esteem is High.

My son Alistair has Down Syndrome. When he was born, some people’s reaction to him, and me, was awkward. It was as if they weren’t sure whether I was ok with Alistair being who he was, or they weren’t sure how to respond to him being different to what they knew. We also were, and still are, asked how Alistair compares to a ‘normal child’ or if we wished Alistair was ‘normal’.
I just wanted to celebrate Alistair and let him, and others know, that I loved him because of who he was. I understood that rather than Alistair being different, he is himself. He is Unique & Loved.
Wanting to shout about how Unique & Loved Alistair is helped me to understand that I am Unique & Loved too, just as I am. This was a revelation. Figuring this out felt liberating, it enabled me to accept and feel good about myself. Once I had this understanding and positive feeling, I felt I had a responsibility to share it with everyone.
I truly believe that everyone would benefit if we could recognise and celebrate that rather than there being a ‘normal’ and a ‘different’, or a ‘perfect’ and a ‘not perfect’, everyone is Unique & Loved.
We are all more than the identity of one group to which we belong. Yes, Alistair has Down Syndrome, it is a big part of who he is, and I celebrate it, but he is also, much, much more.
And, we all deserve more than comparing ourselves to others. Yes, I might have previously wished I looked or did things differently to be more like others, but now I can accept and celebrate myself as I am, I feel so much happier.
Seeing ourselves and others as amazing individuals rather than being different to others, whatever that difference may be, can help increase our acceptance of ourselves and of others. It can prevent individuality from being seen as a barrier or something to be changed or feared.
If everyone was supported to understand and recognise that we are all Unique & Loved, it would help us to feel good, both individually and as a whole society.
So, inspired by a beautiful little boy, Unique & Loved was founded.

Why was Unique & Loved created?

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